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Crime Chance 

STATUS: 1% (Dream)

Imagine a world where you are a cop or a criminal. You must destroy the law, or protect it!


The project will use Unity for multi-platform support.

Current Team:

  • @mll1998 - Founder, Web developer
  • @Noureddine Mbydeen - Senior C# Developer

Searching for:

  • C#/Boo/Lua/JavaScript Developers (2- 3 people)
  • 3D Animators (2-3 peope)
  • 3D Modellers (2- 3 people)
  • Texture creator (1 person)
  • Audio artists (2-3 people)
  • Game Testers 
  • Contact managers
  • Cinematic artists

Any other jobs that are required for creating a game are open. As soon as the game is almost ready, I will launch it on KickStarter for some base money.

I am searching for people to work with who are not only interested in only this project but other great ideas, and with whom, we can build a brand together.


Thank you for your contribution, @mll1998!


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